Club Update: Winter Guard

Winter Guard is getting ready for an amazing season.

Winter guard is an indoor color guard activity where they practice things like flag, dance, rifle, and saber. Their winter season started in November and continues into April, with many practices and competitions.

The difference between color guard and winter guard is that anyone in the school can join winter guard. Currently, they are still having people decide on joining but they predict there will be about 10 people in winter guard this year.

“I hope that we can work together to improve as a team and I hope that we can place higher in competitions this year,” captain Amanda Hoffman said.

Amanda Hoffman waving her flag at a winter guard competition. (Photo by Courtesy of Amanda Hoffman)

Winter Guard currently practices on Monday nights from six o’clock to nine thirty and Thursday nights from six forty-five to eight fifteen. During practice, they stretch, practice their dances across the floors, and learn their routine. For the people new to winter guard, they help teach them how to move with the equipment and use the equipment in a routine.

Since it is still early in the winter guard season, they haven’t been to any competitions yet. But they have been practicing hard to get ready for their first competition in January.

“This season is going to be amazing and I hope that we improve a lot from last year to do well at our competitions,” Hoffman said.