Wolf of the Week: Billy Hendryx

Senior Billy Hendryx shows how not everything is about sports.


Photo by Kayla Beachy

Elkhorn North’s adrENaline huddling before going on stage.

With a winter packed full of show choir and soccer, senior Billy Hendryx manages to rise above and beyond expectations for adrENaline’s current show choir season. 

From 7 am practices to 14-hour competition days, peak show choir season is no joke. Elkhorn North’s adrEnaline has already had a season full of success early on thanks to the senior leadership from those like Billy Hendryx. 

Hendryx, one of the show’s first soloists, sets the tone for the show on the right note and never fails to bring the energy needed to set the performance up for success. His leadership demonstrates Elkhorn North’s strive for excellence in every aspect of life. 

“I’ve only gotten the chance to know Billy this year because of choir and he is always bringing energy into it and making the class fun,” senior and fellow show choir member Ava Johnson said. 

Show choir requires a lot of energy, especially while performing since the judges critique based on the energy that the show brings to the stage.

“He is always super outgoing and tries to welcome everyone no matter who they are,” Johnson said. “Billy talks to almost everyone and is almost never in a bad mood, which really helps show choir to stay in a positive environment.” 

Elkhorn North’s adrENaline hosted a middle school show choir competition this past weekend, January 22nd, which had over 20 different middle school show choirs from all over the metro area with three separate show choir expos by adrENaline for each of the sections. 

“Billy is very involved in everything and is just such a good leader, especially for the boys and he always keeps them in line no matter what,” senior Kayla Beachy said.

It’s not only Hendryx’s classmates who notice his dedication but teachers and coaches as well.

“I’ve probably known Billy since he was about 2 or 3 because our families are friends and it’s really amazing to watch him grow as not only an athlete but a person too,” soccer coach Fred Doscher said. “I think it’s been awesome seeing him in so much, not only football and soccer but seeing him in show choir too has been really fun to watch.”