Wolf of the Week: Mia Steiger

Steiger receives the Best Soloist award at back to back show choir competitions, leading adrENaline to exceptional success in their season so far.


Steiger singing her solo on stage at the Elkhorn Red Carpet Classic.

With an amazing achievement of receiving best soloist at last and this week’s show choir competition Mia Steiger has been nominated by her peers to be this week’s Wolf of the Week.  

With hours of dedication and practice every week, Steiger’s hard work was truly shown through her performance at the Glenwood Gala and Red Carpet Classic.  Performing a mashup between “Say it to Me Now” from Once the musical and “Say” by John Mayer, Steiger vocals stood out among other team’s solos. 

“I feel that Mia was an excellent choice for this award by the judges,” show choir “mom” Shelli Willcoxon said. “She is such a talented singer, as well as a fabulous stage performer, who always pours her heart & soul into each & every performance.”  

Not only did Stieger receive best soloist, her group, adrENaline received second overall at the Glenwood Gala and 3rd at Elkhorn’s Red Carpet Classic.  AdrENaline performed well and this competition helped the singers’ trust in their performance. 

“We got second, which taught us that we need to be more positive and trust ourselves more,” junior chow choir member Isabel Warren said.  “It was a good learning experience for our group.”

Not only is Steiger involved in show choir, but she is also involved in cheerleading and barber shop choir, making her winter schedule very time consuming.  Steiger is able to manage and is still able not let the stress of different activities change her performance. 

“She is a super hard worker and makes sure everyone around her is always on the grind,” Warren said.  “I am super appreciative of everything she does in show choir, barber shop, and even cheer.”  

Stieger is a great vocalist and leader for AdrEnaline, as she is a section leader for the Altos in the group.  Her hard work and dedication have led to great achievements and this week’s award of Wolf of the Week.

She is a great senior leader and above all that, she is so very talented and truly deserved to be recognized with that award,” Willcoxon said. “My heart was so filled by having that special opportunity of being up close to see each and every member of her show choir family jumping to their feet, screaming, hugging, beaming with pride and pure happiness for Mia, and helping her celebrate her huge and so well deserved honor.”