Wolf of the Week: Kaitlyn O’Brien

Senior Kaitlyn O’Brien demonstrates strong determination and leadership in the Wolves soccer program.


O’Brein celebrates with her team after a home goal against Boystown.

With hard work and determination, senior Kaitlyn O’Brien has shown incredible leadership skills on the girls soccer team throughout her past four years in the program.  Her dedication has paid off through her first career goal at last weeks game, earning her this week’s Wolf of the Week title.  


O’Brien has always been a hard working player who is willing to put in any amount of effort for the love of the sport.  She has helped shape the culture of the program and has been voted into different leadership roles.  On March 29, O’Brien scored her first career goal.


“After Kaitlyn scored it was crazy,” junior teammate Ellie Wagner said. “She came up to me after and gave me a big hug. Everyone was all so happy.”


Scoring a goal has always been an accomplishment O’Brien has strived for and on March 29, 2023 this achievement came true.  She scored against Boys Town and the stands were ecstatic.  


 “When the whole team went crazy celebrating, that tells you the type of impact she has on our team,” head coach Troy Stoller said.  “It was a special moment that I won’t forget.”


O’Brien’s leadership and role on the team plays an important part in the soccer program as a whole.  She is a reliable person who younger players are always able to reach out to.  


“Kaitlyn is such a sweet person, who is always encouraging everyone in practice and games,” junior teammate Emma Hartnett said. “She is such a hard worker and is always there for everyone.”


Congratulations to Kaitlyn O’Brien for demonstrating important determination and accomplishing her first career goal, which has earned her this week’s title of Wolf of the Week.