Wolf of the Week: Tara Binte-Sharil

Senior newspaper managing editor Tara Binte-Sharil displayed her journalistic talent at Class B state journalism last week

Wolf of the Week: Tara Binte-Sharil

Showcasing her skills on the big stage, Tara Binte-Sharil achieved incredible success in Class B state journalism on Monday, April 23. Binte-Sharil’s performance demonstrates the hard work and persistence she has put in as part of the North Howler newspaper staff over the last three years.

Beginning as a reporter as a sophomore and now rising to holding the position of managing editor as a senior, Binte-Sharil experienced the culmination of all of her work at state journalism.

Binte-Sharil qualified for the In-Depth category for her story over Roe vs. Wade. This was already an excellent achievement as the majority of people who qualify for the In-Depth category work in groups. Binte-Sharil, however, was solo.

On top of that, Binte-Sharil exceeded all expectations and took home the gold medal for that category. This was an unbelievable accomplishment considering she was the only competitor who wrote the story by herself. 

In addition, Binte-Sharil brought home the silver medal for her work in the News Feature category.

Binte-Sharil has put in countless hours of work on the upcoming North Howler print issue as well, designing a substantial amount of the pages in the issue.

“I really admire how much work and time she puts into the class and I think her getting first place for the In-Depth was really impressive, especially doing it on her own,” North Howler Editor-in-Chief McKenna Ostler said.

Her work and success clearly does not go unnoticed by those around her. She has helped build an incredible foundation for the young but prosperous North Howler newspaper. 

“We literally could not do what we do without Tara,” Newspaper Adviser Chloe Healy said. “She single handedly wrote the six page in-depth that won state journalism and she has been the driving force behind the print issue, keeping everybody accountable for their pages and coming up with some really cool designs. I am so proud of her.”