The Resilience of the Rhino

University of Nebraska—Lincoln is the next move for Wolves’ top pitcher.

May 4, 2023

Ryan Harrahill’s journey to becoming the top pitcher in Nebraska and one of the best high school athletes in the nation can be credited to his devotion and work ethic.

Harrahill’s daily routine varies from many high school students and athletes with each choice focused on improving his physical and mental stability.

“I wake up at 4:30 A.M. every morning, and I don’t press snooze, I really try to emphasize that because I feel that I win the day,” Harrahill said.

After graduating in May, Harrahill will attend the University of Nebraska—Lincoln where he has committed to further his academic and baseball careers.

This success comes from all the work Harrahill has put in and all of the teams and coaches he has played with throughout his high school career.

Harrahill’s high school career started at Elkhorn High, where he played for the Antlers Legion Team in the summer of 2019. During the following year, Harrahill transferred to ENHS and helped build the foundation of the team. He then led the Wolves in their first varsity season.

In the summer of 2020, he played for the Nebraska Prospects traveling around the country facing off against some of the best high school talent in the nation. In 2021, Harrahill accompanied the Wolves in winning their first baseball state championship title.

Following the state win, Harrahill spent the summer playing for two teams: the Nebraska Prospects and the Area Code White Sox, which is an elite-level baseball team that plays in San Diego at the Area Code games.

The coaches in his dugouts and from individual training have pushed Harrahill to be the best athlete and more.

“Dunn has done a lot for me as a baseball player, but more importantly for me as a human,” Harrahill said. “I recently just realized that everything I have been doing has not only been making me a better baseball player, but everything I have done has made me a better person, which is more important. Dunn made sure that all of my teammates and I were great individuals off of the field.”

Anthony Dunn, head baseball coach and history teacher, has coached baseball for nine years and he has had many talented players on his teams. Few have the mentality and the will Harrahill has brought to building and developing the Wolves baseball program to what it is today.

“Ryan has helped lay the foundation of G.L.U.E., while also leading us to our first state title,” Dunn said. “I’m most proud of Ryan for who he was as a kid; he’s an excellent teammate and leader, but his impact is felt not just on the field but throughout the entire school.”

“Most importantly, Ryan has played the game the way it’s supposed to be played, and he has impacted the community the way we hope future generations will.”

Since eighth grade, Sundays for Harrahill have been dedicated to helping the community and bettering the lives of individuals who are less fortunate. With his grandma, he helps by stocking shelves at a food bank at Bethany Church called Food for Kids that gives food out to kids in Elkhorn who don’t necessarily know where their next meal may come from.

His impact reaches other young people in Elkhorn, like those who play alongside him.

“Ryan’s a mentor and I try to do everything he does because he does everything the right way,” Sophomore Sam Huff said. “He always pushes me past my limits and is always checking in on me to ask how things are going.”

Just like Harrahill, Huff is a PO (Pitcher Only) who has recently committed to UNL for collegiate baseball. Huff will use the valuable lessons he has picked up from Harrahill to follow in his footsteps leading the Wolves until the two play together again.

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