Signing Out

A bittersweet goodbye from Mrs. Healy to the North Howler seniors.

McKenna Ostler

McKenna ~ You have been the best surprise. I have immensely enjoyed witnessing you transform from the quiet sophomore who wrote about the roundabout to our spunky, honest, and caring editor-in-chief. It will be so weird to do newspaper without you. I’ll miss you dearly.

Tara Binte Sharil

Tara ~ I am so proud of the student, designer, writer, photographer, and PERSON you have grown into these past three years. I love how you are advocate for others and are willing to take risks and try something new. Continue to be brave and creative and you. I can’t wait to see what you do next.



Caleb Polking

I am not crying. Caleb, it has been real. Thank you for starting this newspaper with me and completely handling 100% of the sports from day one. Your energy and positivity helped build the foundation of our staff culture. You have a real skill for broadcast, and I am proud to have been a tiny part of your story. Never stop jumping on tables.

Braxton Mastre

Braxton ~ I can’t believe I can say that I have taught a model! You have been an important piece of this newspaper with your confidence and big ideas. I’ll miss you! I hope reading this didn’t take up too much time so you can get those interviews done.

Meghan Cunningham

Meghan ~ You are a shiny star. You show such persistence and dedication to all areas of your life. I am in awe of your enthusiasm, compassion, and talents. Your kind heart and giving nature make days better. Don’t forget to have fun and take care of YOU while you do so much to take care of others. I am so excited to see where you take life next.


Rhyan Kavan

Rhyan ~ You have brought such an important presence that we didn’t know we needed. Your authenticity is your strength. We will miss your comics, creativity, terrible sense of humor, and therapy sessions. Smell ya later.


Ellie ~ It has been such a pleasure to know you and to see how much you care for others. You are a sweet soul with the best style. You can do more than you know.



Mason ~ Without you, we’d all be lost wandering in the aisles of HyVee not knowing which gatorade flavor to buy. Congrats on the most viewed story. I will miss your jokes and energy. Have an EXCELLENT life.