Photo Series: Teachers Unmasked

A look at the faces of ENHS teachers.

By Jack Vokt, Reporter, Photographer

Mrs. Honz teaches Honor English 9 and 10, along with Photojournalism and Yearbook.
Mrs. Healy teaches English 9, Journalism, and Newspaper.
Mr. King teaches Algebra 1 and 2, along with ESAT.
Mrs. Huber teaches English 11, ESLA 11, and AP Language and Composition.
Mr. Peterson teaches Algebra 2 and Honors Geometry.
Mrs. Kasner teachers both Honors Geometry and Honors Pre-Calculus.
Mr. LaFleur teaches AP Biology and Biology.
Ms. Feller teaches Foods & Nutrition, Child Development, Culinary Arts, and Interior Design.
Mr. Rom is the Band teacher.
Ms. Catania is the PE and Health teacher.
Mr. Doscher teaches PE, Weight Lifting, and Lifetime Activities.
Ms. Simmons teaches Freshman Chorus, Concert Choir, and Mixed Chorus.
Mr. Moylan teaches Welding 1, I-CAD, Architectural Engineering, and Architectural Studies.
Mrs. Lamb teaches AP World History and AP US History.
Ms. Struble teaches Life Skills Reading, Developmental Math, Life Skills, Life Skills Reading, Life Skills Social Skills, Work Readiness I, Work Readiness II, and Developmental Reading.
Ms. Hurley teaches English 10, ESLA 10, and English 11.
Mr. Chavez teaches both Spanish 1 and Spanish 2.
Mr. Stanley teaches Marketing I, Program I, Program II, Personal Finance, and Personal/Business Law.
Mrs. Schlosser teaches Chemistry, Physical Science, and Advanced Physical Science.
Mr. Shanahan teaches Multimedia and Web Design, and Business Management.
Mr. Davis teaches Physical Science.
Ms. Anderson teaches Japanese I, Japanese II, and Japanese III.
Mrs. Armbrust teaches Physical Science, and Chemistry.
Ms. Seger teaches ESAT, Honors Algebra II, and Algebra I.
Mr. Onwiler teaches World History and American History.
Ms. Vann teaches Civics and World Geography.
Ms. Peterson teaches AP Psychology, AP US History, Civics.
Mr. Dunn teaches World Geography and AP World History.
Ms. Rosonke teaches Ceramics I, Art I, Art II, 3-D Concepts, Art III, and Computer Graphics Photoshop.
Ms. Vogel teaches Spanish 1 and Spanish 2.
Ms. Connelly teaches Spanish 2 and Spanish 4.
Mr. Krontz teaches Geometry, ESIG, and Honors Algebra II.
Ms. Tyler teaches ESAT, Algebra I, and Geometry.
Mr. Wolf teaches Anatomy & Physiology, and Biology.
Ms. Schoenrock teaches AP Lang and Comp, and Honors English 9.
Mrs. Wagner teaches ESLA 9, Honors English 9, and Honors English 10.