Sleep Switch

Students have had to adjust their sleep schedules as they readjusted to in-person learning.

Sleep Switch

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By Colin Keith, Reporter

Getting home from a grueling day and just wanting to go to sleep right away happens to many people. When people do this it can mess up their sleep schedule. 

To most people, sleep is very important and a valuable thing in their life. Sleeping is very important for many reasons. Some reasons are that it can energize people or not make people angry. Sleep can help keep the body function throughout the day and night. Everyone experiences these difficulties when not getting a certain amount of sleep. For example, if someone usually gets eight hours of sleep, but they only get six hours of sleep one night they might fall asleep during the day.

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Certain people need a certain amount of sleep each day. It’s recommended to get 8 to 10 hours of sleep for kids. For adults they need at least 6 hours every night. When getting more than the recommended people will be fine for the most part if it only hapens a couple times. When being a tired student throughout the day students could fall asleep in class which might bring down grades in the class. Athlete would probably get 5 to 6 hours of sleep daily.

Sleep schedules from summer to the school year will most likely change because in summer could be an all day thing if wanted. During school time students will have to be awake for 12 hours at least. Most students are tired after school but have to do homework or want to go hang out with their friends. As an adult staying awake for more time is a must when having kids. As a working parent normaly work 40 or so hours a week depending on the job. Most people love to be able to just go home and take a nap or just go to sleep. 

Drew Broady, a junior at ENHS, and Student Keller Cox, sophomore at ENHS, said that their sleep schedules didn’t really change when they went into quarantine. When they went to summer Broady would normally get 7 to 8 hours of sleep in the summertime. Cox would get about 4 to 6 hours of sleep in the summertime. 

When having kids or siblings sleeping becomes even harder because they normally make a lot of noise in the house. Broady and Cox both have siblings which makes sleeping even harder. 

When sleeping, the position the body is in sometimes moves at night. Some people have to sleep in a certain position to sleep in. Cox said that, “I bet there are certain sleeping positions that will better/worsen the amount of sleep someone gets, but I have no clue how my sleeping position affects my sleep.” Broady doesn’t think that the position change how he sleep. 

Both Broady and Cox are athletes in high school so getting everything done on time is sometimes a struggle. Some student athletes might have to stay up later at night to do homework because they had practice late. 

Sleeping has changed in many ways for certain people in the world. Most people’s habits of sleeping have changed for the most part.They may have gotten used to longer or shorter amounts of sleep from going from quarantine to summer and back to school or work. Their schedules may never go back to normal again if they get used to them.