Reading For Fun

Many students pick up and read a book for fun without being told to.


Photo by Colin Keith

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Many students can become  bored and have the urge to pick up a book and start to read a long and exciting journey. Many students or people like to read books for fun.

Books students can read. (Photo by Colin Keith)

Sophomore, Piper Connelly, says she likes to only read for fun and not read for homework. She would rather read a book just because but if Connelly was to get assigned one she wouldn’t enjoy it as much. 

A freshman, Ally Dworak, also says she likes to read for fun. Dworak said she could read every single day for the escape of reality. Connelly also said she likes reading because it can take her out of reality. 

There are many types of genres in books. Anyone could read a nonfiction or fictional book. After deciding between one of those two someone chooses one of those they can branch off into other types like fantasy or an autobiography.  Dworak’s favorite type of genre is romance, horror, fictional, romance, or medieval ones. 

 However Connelly said, “I like the ones with any type of fantasy, but I prefer romance more.”

Many students who like to read for fun read during the school hours in their extra time. Dworak said that she likes to read during school and out of school. Connelly says she basically reads 24/7. Whenever she could get the chance she would read, and to her not being able to read would be an even worse punishment than getting her phone taken away..

The amount of time it can take for someone to read a book depends on the size of the book and person. Connelly said she would be able to read a medium sized book in a day. If the book was 250 pages, it would take her a couple hours. Dworak said she would be able to read 3 to 4 medium sized books a week.Connelly and Dworak both said they like to read long books even though it may take a couple days. 

Dworak said,” The longest book I’ve read is The Stand by Stephen King (like 1,200 pages) and I read it cause I like reading Stephen King books.” 

Connelly said, “The biggest books I’ve read would probably be: The Count of Monte Cristo, Jane Eyre, and Anna Karenina to name a few.” She likes to read these because she wanted to understand them and enjoy the excitement in them. 

Many people who enjoy reading books could have a possibility to become an English teacher or even an author. Connelly said she loves English class, and although she loves reading, she doesn’t like to write books.. When she was younger she’d write short stories but she didn’t think she did good with them.

Books students can enjoy.

Dworak thinks that she wouldn’t want to be an author as a main job. She would however like to just write stories as a hobby. 

In the end, reading for fun can help many people with their boredom and questions about things movies can’t always tell them.