The Ignitions of Superstitions

Many of Elkhorn North’s athletes believe in superstitions.


Junior, Molly Bruggeman, celebrates with her teammates after winning state.

Sports are all around the world ranging from the smallest of countries to the biggest. Ranging from the hardwood on a basketball court to the putting green on a golf course, sports come in all different shapes and sizes. As much skill as sports take, there is also a little luck required, which is why many athletes believe in superstitions.

As most know, the Elkhorn North Girls Basketball team won the NSAA State Championship. Although the Wolves are really skilled overall as a team, that didn’t stop starting Junior, Molly Bruggeman, from having superstitions of her own. Bruggeman plays both varsity softball and varsity basketball. 

“When it comes to how I wear my hair for games or my routine before games, everything has to be the same as the last game,” Bruggeman said.

Obviously the objective in this is to repeat the same routine in order to have the same outcome as last game. 

Shifting from the hardwood to the outdoor sports, many baseball and football athletes also believe in superstitions. If anything, these two sports seem to have the most superstitions, possibly due to the fact that they aren’t as fast paced as some other sports, which leaves time for players to do things in between possessions or drives.

Junior, Khalis Edwards, running with the football.

Another one of our great athletes at Elkhorn North, junior, Khalis Edwards, also believes in superstitions. Edwards is a varsity football player, varsity baseball player and also is in the 1000 club for weight lifting. With his superstitions, he has winning in mind. 

“If I win one week, I have to do the same exact thing the next game day: same shoes, same outfit, same way driving,” Edwards said. 

A similar superstition that Bruggeman believed in with having the same routine. 

Some athletes use food to help them concentrate in their sports such as sunflower seeds, bubble gum, or candy. states that researches have shown that chewing on gum increases focus on whatever one may be doing. 

Sophomore, Charlotte Christo, receiving the volleyball.

Sophomore, Charlotte Christo, is one athlete with this superstition. Christo is a varsity volleyball player who has been playing volleyball for 8 years. She also recently picked up tennis and is now playing for the school in her first year. Christo is one of the few athletes that believe in chewing gum as a superstition. 

“I have to be chewing cinnamon gum, because it helps me focus,” Christo said.

Some athletes also try not to be too serious before games. It can lead to them overthinking and being stiff and nervous. This is why some athletes try to be as loose and light hearted before games as possible. 

“I have to do my hair in some kind of braid and before games, we always dance in the locker room,” Christo said. 

All of these superstitions that were mentioned all have their own roots. Each having their own unique and interesting backstory. 

“I think I have superstitions because my mom is also really superstitious and it kind of rubs off on me as well,” Bruggeman said. 

Edwards’s backstory on his superstition includes the unwritten rules of his baseball, his main sport. Learning it at a young age, Edwards has always believed in this superstition as well as many other baseball players.

“Don’t step on the foul line; it’s common baseball knowledge,” said Edwards. 

All athletes are different when it comes to their superstitions they believe in. They can believe in one or maybe none. Bruggeman believes in four superstitions that are unique in their own way. Edwards believes in one superstition for baseball and one superstition for baseball. While Christo believes in two superstitions in total. Depending on the athlete, some don’t find their superstitions to be a big deal when they don’t follow them

“If I don’t follow my superstitions, it usually isn’t that big of a deal,” Christo said. 

On the other hand, some athletes believe that not following their superstitions will cause bad things to happen in their game. 

“I fear that my team will lose or that I will do bad in the game,” Bruggeman said

All superstitions are unique whether it has to do with their backstory, what the athletes believe in or even the sport the superstitions are for. Sports are a huge part of this world and superstitions are just one of the many reasons why sports are so interesting and amazing.