Summer Bucket Lists

Planning ideas for summer is easier with a bucket list.


Photo by Colin Keith

A bucket list from Aidan Ettleman.

Summer is closing in for many students. With only a couple more weeks until school is out, students all over the world look for new things to do in the summer and many times don’t have good ideas and bucket lists would help get ideas. 

Freshman Aidan Ettleman said he made a bucket list last year and the year before. Ettleman said, “Bucket Lists are a great way to help make plans for the summer.” He explained how he likes to create them with friends or family to help get better ideas. 

Another freshman, Brock Marler, said he also made a bucket list one year ago. He likes to make them to keep himself organized a little bit. Marler said, “I love doing them to create fun things to do in the summer with my friends and family.”

Marler said he loves to play sports like baseball and lift to get stronger during the summer so when he makes his lists he likes to add goals for baseball like hit .500 batting average or gain 100 pounds on a lift. 

Ettleman likes to play sports during the summer like baseball, golf, and fishing. He said he tries to make a couple of his goals to deal with sports like hit a home run that season or hit under par. This helps him create his lists and helps him improve in his sports.

Marler also likes to go hit golf balls with his friends or just by himself. Sometimes you can find him swimming hundreds of meters. He also asks his family for help deciding on ideas for his list.

Some other things Ettleman likes to include into his bucket list are things that deal with traveling, things he would like to do for fun, things with friends, and also some things that are fun with the family.

There are many things Marler likes to do with his friends during the summer but he said, “I like to dedicate a certain amount of time with my family each day.” 

 ”If I end up making a list this summer I might add things like go kayaking, travel more, maybe even go cliff jumping again.” Ettleman said. But he thinks the most important thing on a bucket list is to improve yourself as a person.

“Last summer I improved myself as a person by helping my family with chores, cleaning around the house, and helping my neighbors with things if they had needed it.” said Ettleman.

During the summer people have a lot of time to go places such as out of town for vacations,sports games or tournaments. Some people add places to travel to for bucket lists.

Marler said that he would be going to Royals games with his friends and family when he’s able to  this summer. 

Both Marler and Ettleman said they want to get as many things as they can get done on their bucket lists but not just dedicate their summers to finishing a list. They would rather make a list and if they get something done then they feel happy.

Making a bucket list for the summer can be very useful for many students.It helps students stay busy and achieve their goals with sports.