Review: HutchFest

For those who love to shop, eat great food, and be outdoors, HutchFest is the place to be.


Photo by Kendall Backora

The entrance at Hutchfest in Omaha.

By Kendall Backora, Reporter

What is HutchFest?

HutchFest, a community and artisan festival, celebrates the unique talent of local Omaha businesses, and even businesses in surrounding states. Started by the Hutch Furniture Store in Omaha, it houses more than 150 vendors who gather in Midtown Crossing to show off their creativity and success as entrepreneurs. These include boutiques, food trucks, thrift stores, musicians, and artists. In addition, live music performances and fun activities are available to enjoy as well.

Environment: 8/10

HutchFest was a friendly and welcoming environment for people of all ages. While there were sandboxes and playgrounds for young children, there were also art and music for adults to appreciate. Unlike most other festivals, all pets were welcome and the area was spacious and comfortable. The volunteers were friendly and their helpfulness really added to the fun of the event. They made parking in a busy area like downtown easy and were walking around to answer any questions. There were multiple entrances to minimize lines and vendors were spread out enough that it did not feel like a mosh pit and was socially distanced. I also thought that the decorations were satisfying to look at and tied everything together well. 

Overall I thought that it was very well organized. However, there was not much seating or shade to fit those who needed a break from the sun and overbearing heat. There were tables to sit, eat, and watch the live music, but they were hard to come by as well. Nonetheless, the free merchandise at the door and fairly inexpensive tickets (7 dollars online pre-event and $10 at the door) definitely made up for that. 

Vendors: 9/10

I thought the vendors were absolutely amazing. Everyone there had their own unique and quality items to sell. I wanted to buy basically everything. The diverse spread of vendors included Be Yourself Boutique (clothes), Fontenelle Supply Co (leather goods), and Heather Kita (jewelry). The food trucks were delicious, especially Coffee and Nosh and Coneflower Creamer, which are now some of my favorite places.  

Overall: 9/10

While not the most convenient drive, I would rate hutchFest a 9/10 overall and recommend it to anyone of all ages. The family-friendly atmosphere and fun makes it a must-see when it comes back to Omaha next labor day.