Humans of Elkhorn North: Ella Lucey


By Kendall Backora, Reporter

“I really like being able to do something with my hands, like cross stitch or knitting. It’s something to keep me busy.”

Ella Lucey’s favorite activity is crafting.  The creative junior even once had an Etsy store. One time as a child, she took her crafting too far. Lucey took her brother’s rock that he had bought as a souvenir in Utah and tried to turn it into a craft of her own. She ended up getting super glue all over the rock and the counters, which stayed there for years until they moved. 

At Elkhorn North, Ella takes part in Art Club as well as NHS. In Art Club, she enjoys being able to have a creative outlet and being free to do whatever she wants with her art.

While Ella plans to keep crafting as a fun hobby, her dream is to go to college for chemistry. “I want to go into chemistry and hopefully be successful in that field. I just want to live be able to live a comfortable, happy life,” Lucey said.