Student Spotlight: Dominick Rhone

Dominick Rhone is a well rounded senior at Elkhorn North High School. Rhone participates in football, band, and track, all while being a great student.


Photo by Renee Vokt

Dominick Rhone (far right) getting ready to lineup on the ball.

Rhone’s love for football all started in seventh grade. Being one of the bigger and stronger kids for his age, his grandpa was the one who encouraged him to go out for football. Although his grandpa encouraged him to go out, he was also eager to get to be on the football field himself. Most of his friends had played before, and so he too wanted to join them. He signed up right away to play for the Jr. Antlers club ball while also playing middle school football at the same time. 

“It kicked my butt at the time, but now that I look back, it helped a lot,” Rhone said. 

Now it is Rhone’s senior year, and his excitement for the game hasn’t gone anywhere. He is more pumped than ever for his senior year, but also is shocked with the fact it could be his last. 

“It’s kind of wild honestly,” Rhone said. “I didn’t think I would be at this point yet.” 

He hopes that he will be able to take his skills and passion for the game to the collegiate level.

To Rhone, there’s nothing that beats being part of a team on Friday nights. It is all about becoming one and getting to know everything about each other. “The team atmosphere is one of the best groups to be around and I wouldn’t trade them for anything,” Rhone said. 

The best time to be around his teammates is game day.

“I also like Friday Nights when everyone is hyped up and it’s show time,” Rhone said. 

His teammates and coaches talk very highly of him. 

“Dom always keeps us in check during practice,” Senior Jake Parker said. 

Parker described Rhone as the type of teammate who knows the perfect split between having fun and focusing on the task at hand. His coaches also see Dom as a player who brings the quality of pushing his teammates.

“He’s a hard worker and makes everyone around him better,” Coach Mike Zeplin said. 

While going out on the football field to take people to the ground, he is also on the field to perform with the band. Since he is a player, Rhone doesn’t have to participate at the halftime shows, but he does over the weekend. He often wakes up at five or six on the morning on Saturdays for band competitions after playing Friday nights with the football team. 

“It can be a struggle after gameday the night before, but I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t like it,” Rhone said. 

Not only can it be difficult for him then, but during the week as well. Band practices are in the mornings before school and are a class for the first two periods of the school day. Then, Tuesday nights after football practices which end at 6:30, Rhone stays for band practice which can go to as late as nine. 

Taking band in high school can be seen as a lot in high school because of marching band. Rhone however just loves to play, especially when it’s jazz.

“Jazz is my favorite because it’s a more groovy feel,” Rhone said. He also likes the fact that it’s a small group so the students get to know everyone well. 

Dominick Rhone going through a rehearsal before school.

Balancing all of this and being a student can be difficult, but Rhone manages to do great in school while competing in football and band. 

“Always make sure you’re on top of your school work, because most coaches will do grade checks in order for you to play,” Rhone said, “I may look dumb but I am actually decently smart.”