Humans of Elkhorn North: Aubrey Gosch


By Kendall Backora, Reporter

Anyone who has noticed the colorful wings in the E-wing hallway can give the credit to freshman Aubrey Gosch. With help from staff and teacher cadets, Aubrey spent two weeks creating a finger-paint masterpiece for Elkhorn North. Aubrey’s mentors put pieces of paper and paint into a zip-lock bag so Aubrey could push it around the way she wanted it. Then, staff cut out and hung up the papers in the shape of wings on the wall.

“We just like the idea of the wings and how people can take pictures in front of them and how colorful they are,” Lindsay Struble, one of Audrey’s teachers, said. 

Art teacher Madeline Rosonke came up with the idea. It was something that she did at Elkhorn High before.

“When we found out she liked finger painting we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to do this,” Struble said. 

Among finger-painting, Aubrey enjoys dancing, playing with bubble-wrap, and being around her peers. She especially loves the movie Trolls

Stop by and see Aubrey’s colorful creation in the E-wing hallway by the commons.