The Wolf Pack Student Section: Hear Them Howl

The Elkhorn North student section supports their teams through thick and thin.


Photo by Brandon Urbano

Mitchell Baker (Left), Brandon Orgilbold (Center), and Drew Broady (right) pose for the cameras before a football game


At almost every home game players and other fans can see a sea of blue and white. That massive group of students comes to almost every game to support Elkhorn North athletics.

“We have arguably the best student section in Nebraska,” Senior Trey Wells said.

Full bleachers at the Homecoming pep rally (Photo by Brandon Urbano)

This is a belief throughout Elkhorn North, as close to one hundred students can be seen in the student sections at the football, basketball, and volleyball games. Lots of students at Elkhorn North play at least one sport. This is one of the main reasons for the “wolf pack” being so large and loud. Athletes at Elkhorn North support each other The wolf pack is the nickname for the Elkhorn North student section. It was created in Elkhorn North’s inaugural seasons of the fall and winter sports such as boys and girls basketball, football, and volleyball.

The “wolf pack” has supported their teams since the school athletics made their debuts in 2020.

“We’ve been here since the start, and we’re not stopping the support until we graduate,” Senior Drew Broady said.

For many high school athletes, student sections are a special thing because It’s something that they have not been able to experience until high school. 

Student sections are great ways to get students involved in sporting events. It is also a good way to get to know other students and be more social.

“The student section, in my opinion, is a really great way for kids to get involved in sports and a great way for them to make friends.” said football coach, baseball coach, and teacher Anthony Dunn.

The pack has its arsenal of chants, cheers, and chirps that can be used in almost every sport. Occasionally, the pack will direct their chirps to other student sections but in the end, it’s all in good fun.

The cheer team plays a large part in the student section as they have cheers and chants that the student section can say along with them.

The halftime show never disappoints the “wolf pack”. It involves the dance team doing their normal halftime routine followed by the wild roller coaster ride led by Trey Wells, Drew Broady, and Parker Mahloch. First, the students are told to strap themselves in. Next, the mayhem starts as the entire student section mirrors the three seniors. It takes the student section up, down, left, and right multiple times, and then it ends

As of recently, the Elkhorn North student section has even made its own Twitter account called @ENHSWolfPack. They retweet posts about student athletes at North and give dates and locations for upcoming events. Ran by Drew Broady, it is one of the many student sections Twitter accounts throughout the Nebraska high schools.

“It’s great to know that a really big group of people are on your side at away games,” said junior football player Ryder Kyle.

Student sections at away games are especially competitive because they have an opposing student section on the other side of the bleachers. Most recently at the Plattsmouth football game in Plattsmouth, the Elkhorn North student section was huge. 

At the 2020 Nebraska girls state basketball tournament, hundreds of students left school to support the Elkhorn North Girls basketball team. With the support of the “wolf pack”, the Wolves won the state title making it the first in school history.

“From a players perspective, the student section at state was a huge factor in our attitude on the court. Hearing the sound of all those people cheering for us was an amazing feeling.” said junior basketball player Hannah Nadgwick.

The newest addition to the student section is the “painters”. The painters are a group of students in the very front row of the bleachers who paint different words or phrases on their stomachs.

The “Painters” cheering on the Elkhorn North football team at the Homecoming game (Photo by Brandon Urbano)

The Elkhorn North student section is a thing to be proud of. It’s a good thing to have all the support from the students at games. Whenever there is a sporting event, the wolf pack will howl.