Humans of Elkhorn North: Elijah Mcking


Elijah Mcking is a Senior at Elkhorn North High School who stands out in every crowd. When it comes to school spirit and good sportsmanship, Mcking is always the one to make sure Elkhorn North projects its positivity and unity. Whether it be celebrating a touchdown or simply greeting someone as they walk by in the hallways, Mcking always tries to make sure everyone feels included. 

“I think it’s important to be kind to everyone,” Mcking said. “You never know what someone is going through, so I always try to at least make people smile.” 

On top of maintaining good grades, Elijah works and still manages to come to all of the school games. His school spirit glimmers as he encourages the crowd to cheer on and support the sports team. 

Mcking can usually be seen with one of his friends laughing or working hard to ensure his future. 

“Keeping my grades up is really important to me because it’s not only motivating but it also just puts me in a good place for when I graduate, I think others should do the same,” Mcking said. 

To say the least, Elijah Mcking is a social butterfly who takes pride in his work. He encourages others to drive for success and he always shows the utmost respect for others.