Humans of Elkhorn North: Emily (& Bandit) Liska


Around the halls of Elkhorn North, Emily Liska walks with her purebred hypoallergenic phantom standard poodle, Bandit. Many people love Bandit because of his giddy stride and his silky fur. 

“I love the attention he gets,’ Liska said. “I can see that Bandit brings a smile to everyone’s face.” 

Not only is Bandit extraordinarily cute, he is especially helpful for Emily during the school day. 

“Bandit helps me with mobility issues,” Liska said. “When I get stressed, my body can completely shut down and Bandit alerts me before I feel anything so I have time to get to a safe place.” 

Emily is a hard working student who enjoys playing golf in her free time. When it comes to school, she maintains a good GPA while taking three AP classes. Liska is the first and only student at Elkhorn North to take AP French. 

“I love AP French because it’s a challenge,” Liska said. “My mom and grandmother both speak fluent French so it’s kinda my legacy.”

Emily and Bandit Liska are both exceptionally diligent and they easily put smiles on the faces of their peers. It’s safe to say that these two are the best duo.