Soon-To-Be Mom, Mrs. Healy

English Teacher Chloe Healy will soon have her first baby.


Photo by Photo by: Chloe Healy

Chloe Healy holding a present at her baby shower

Chloe Healy celebrating a baby shower with EPS teachers.

ENHS English teacher and Newspaper Adviser Chloe Healy is gearing up to face a new chapter of her life; This November she will be giving birth to a baby boy. 

Teaching in itself is already a busy job. Teachers are constantly working around the clock to make sure they are giving their students their best work. For Healy’s first three years of teaching, she has never had to worry about her own kid as so many parents do while working.

“I think I’ll have to get better at managing my time, and finding a good work and life balance so that I’m not taking time away from my kid for school,” Healy said. 

With her busy schedule she will have to cut back to make sure she has time with her baby. For the first couple of weeks, Healy will take a break from teaching and will have a long term substitute teacher. On top of that, English teacher Lise Wagner will be helping Healy and her sub to make sure things go smoothly while she is away. 

With Wagner’s 17 years in teaching,, Healy is set for when she is gone. 

“I will be her sub’s main contact point. And so I think it will affect me because I want Mrs. Healy to have the best experience to be able to be at home and with the baby and not have to worry about school, so I’m going to do my best to kind of make sure that her son is taken care of and actually has everything she needs so that there’s no worries from his healing,” Wagner said.

Healy said she is a control freak and that it’ll be hard to have no control for those weeks she’s gone. 

“I really have to trust my students to step up ,” Healy said. 

She hopes that her students will behave for her long term substitute teacher. So far Healy has created a daily outline and procedures for each class. Along with this, she has been talking to each of her classes about what they’ll be responsible for when she’s gone.

Already, Healy and her husband have started to prepare by being cautious with their spending decisions and have started to make plans for the future. Healy’s pregnancy hasn’t been the easiest for her as she has had to be extremely careful with her blood sugar levels as a Type 1 Diabetic. 

Chloe Healy in the classroom (Photo by Morgan Brickell)

When Healy has her baby, she will have the opportunity to see a part of life she never got to see before, being a parent. 

“I think it will be cool to see the parent side of things… I don’t have any kids up to this point so every decision and reaction I have is based on just the perspective of a teacher or a human, or me as a student,” Healy said.

Healy is least excited about the diapers and crying, while she is most excited to see how life changes from watching them learn and grow and develop their own personality.