Kyle Nadrchal is “The Man”

An integral part of ENHS athletics is their athletic trainer, Kyle Nadrchal.


Photo by Renee Vokt

Nadrchal smiling as he waits for the game to start.

When it comes to high school sports, one job may be overlooked. The athletes and coaches get recognition for winning, but the Athletic Trainer keeps them ready for the game.

Kyle Nadrchal began his athletic training career by attending Iowa Western Community College for two years. 

“It’s not a very interesting story, but I was just looking through degrees and saw athletic training,” Nadrchal said. “It was something I had never heard of before, so it seemed interesting”. 

After two years at Iowa Western he then continued on to earn his Bachelor’s Degree in Athletic Training at University of Nebraska Omaha. During his time, he interned at Omaha Beef and with Athletes Training Center.  

Along with those internships, he spent a semester at Elkhorn South, then got the job as the official Athletic Trainer at Elkhorn South. It was in these experiences that he developed his love for working with high school athletes. 

“I love getting to hang out with athletes as they’re in the training room,” Nadrchal said. 

Not only is he hanging out with athletes, but he’s building great relationships with them. 

“Kyle is a very personable guy and is always doing more than just helping us get better,” Junior Billy Hendryx said. “He somewhat entertains us as well.” 

Nadrchal often puts shows up on his TV in the training room ranging from Deal or No Deal to Gladiator. This helps pass the time as athletes getting various forms of treatment.

After five years at Elkhorn South, he came to Elkhorn North because it’s closer to home and coaches had asked if he was coming over. Coach Stanley had asked if he would want to come over since the two had worked previously at Elkhorn South To him, it was a chance to be seen as “Being the man”.  He wanted to be the one in charge of the Training Room and be the one the athletes go to. Taking care of the students, keeping them in their sport is a big deal to athletes, coaches and fans.

“I love it just as much, if not more,” Nadrchal said. 

And he is “The Man”. Kyle is the one person in charge of getting and keeping these athletes playing. He attends almost all home events to help any injured athletes. He does more than just diagnose injuries with athletes; he is part of preparation for games as well. Preparing water on the sidelines for softball and football, making sure teams have a first aid kit for away events, and taping kids up before games are all part of what Nadrchal does to help out the Wolves. 

Nadrchal stretching out Kyree during the game. (Photo by Renee Vokt)

Being an athletic trainer requires long hours, especially on game nights. He often has to stay until everyone is gone who needs treatment. This can be until 7 p.m. or even as late as 10 p.m. on a game night. Weekends aren’t as bad as it is mainly just mornings working with athletes to make sure they get their treatments. 

There’s lots of time Nadrchal spends in the training room, so when he’s not there, he tries to spend as much time with his wife and daughter as possible. 

Since activities primarily take part after school, Kyle doesn’t get to North until later in the day. “Working around noon makes it easier for me to spend time with my daughter as I get to take her to school,” Nadrchal said. 

His wife is a teacher, so their schedules are opposite, but they do their best to get to see each other. 

His daughter also makes some trips to help him out in the training room. During the summer of COVID she was often in the training room playing with her toys and dolls. She even started to help her father by getting heating pads for athletes. Her help has even spilled over at home. 

“When my wife gets hurt at home, my daughter will even go into my bag and grab my wrap and tape her up,” Nadrchal said. He hopes bringing his daughter to work will have a positive impact on her life to want to help others. 

There’s been many times athletes have been impacted by the work that Kyle does. He’s helped them get through multiple injuries year round, and is very encouraging along the way. He truly is “The Man” on the sidelines.