Humans of Elkhorn North: Selah Helwag


Sophomore Selah Helwag cherishes family more than anything else. An odd situation led Halweg to be homeschooled for elementary school, making her closer to her family than ever before.

“I missed the cutoff date for kindergarten because the cutoff date was like way later and my mom didn’t want me to wait until the next year because I was already reading,” Halweg said. 

After liking the experience, Halweg’s mom continued to homeschool her. In 5th grade though, Helwag’s mom got sick, prompting her to transfer to Lifegate. 

Now, Helwag is a student at Elkhorn North. With her past experiences, she has learned some things differently than other students in Elkhorn, but Helwag believes that this has shaped her into the student she is today.

At ENHS, Helwag’s favorite classes include band and yearbook. She uses her musical abilities to participate in jazz band and marching band. Outside of school, she also plays piano and is a die-hard Harry Potter and Star Wars fan.