Athlete of the Week: Haylee Wolf

Sophomore Haylee Wolf has a positive impact on the volleyball team day in and day out.


Haylee Wolf at the state volleyball game on November 4, 2021. Wolf is celebrating with her team after they win a set. (Photo by Tara Binte Sharil)

Through it all, sportsmanship and effort combine to make a great athlete. Sophomore Haylee Wolf exceeds those expectations in every way possible. From encouraging her teammates to making the extra play, Wolf is the definition of hard working.

Wolf has proven to be an important part of the volleyball team. Wolf is described as considerate and hardworking and has maintained that for the entire volleyball season. Wolf never seems to disappoint her teammates, coaches, nor fans and for those reasons she has been chosen as this week’s Athlete of the Week.

“Haylee is a very great energizer on the team and keeps everyone focused into the game or practice,” Junior Grace Heaney said. 

Sophomore Haylee Wolf at the state volleyball game on November 4, 2021. Wolf is going up for a pass to her teammate. (Photo by Tara Binte Sharil)

Wolf is a libero with an immense amount of ball-control skills. Wolf is involved in serve-receive patterns and she is a quick and agile defender. Wolf is an outstanding passer who provides successful passes to run the offense. 

Being a talented and gifted player on the team brings a lot of pressure and responsibility. However, Wolf makes up a great leader by not letting those high standards interfere with her mentality nor playing ability. Wolf’s tranquility and attention to detail makes her a great leader and asset to the volleyball team.

“Haylee gives her all every single play and she has great energy that gives back to the rest of the team,” Sophomore Ava Spies said. 

Wolf is an extremely important asset to the team who always has her teammates back and supports and encourages everyone when times are overwhelming. Wolf is a competitive athlete with the determination to win no matter what that cost might be. Wolf utilizes her skill to the best of her ability and she is always willing to support the team and make her teammates better.