Natural-born golfer: Julia Karmazin

A reflection on Julia Karmazin, her success in the golf season, and what led up to it.


Photo by Elkhorn North Golf Twitter

The Elkhorn North girls golf team hoists the golf state championship trophy

As many people may know, Julia Karmazin recently won the state golf championship, but it is more than a gold medal to her and her coaches.

The Wolves team traveled almost 7 hours to Scottsbluff for the state golf championship and made the trip worth it by taking first as a team, and Karmazin individually placing first..

Of course, the whole season of golf was a blast, but there have been bits and pieces along the way that have made it one of a kind. 

“My favorite memory was the 18th hole of the state tournament,” Coach Calvin Thompson said. “I knew if she [Karmazin] was sitting in a good spot and it was going to come down to one more good tee shot!”

Watching Karmazin golf must have been a joy, but to really experience it must be something different, that many long to feel.

“It was amazing and super exciting. I was thrilled and I couldn’t believe that it was really happening,” Karmazin said.  “It was an amazing experience and I wouldn’t have wanted to do it with anyone other than my awesome team, coaches, and sister.”

Karmazin hitting a tee shot in golf.

These connections that Karmazin made with all of those around her and supported her complement the success that she had throughout this year’s golf season.

Karmazin and her sister, Emily Karmazin, demonstrate great connections of positivity and they push one another throughout the course of the season. 

“Obviously they push each other and motivate each other, but I think the way they support each other and have each other to play/practice/travel with throughout the year is a huge advantage,” Thompson said. “I think it makes it more fun for both of them.”

The coaches notice the little things of Karmazin and her sister’s friendly competition, but together they motivate each other and learn from one another from the experiences they’ve had.

Winning the state championship was a remarkable milestone for Karmazin, but golf as a whole has influenced her greatly.

Karmazin with the state champion trophy after taking first as a team and individually.

“I am able to meet so many new people and learn so many valuable life lessons while I am on the course. I have learned to be patient and to always look forward and be positive,” Karmazin said.  “I also have gotten to spend so much quality time with family and friends on the course. Finally, golf has provided me with my summer job as a caddie which has been really fun and enjoyable.”

Golf has brought so many great things into Karmazin’s life, there are never-ending opportunities that she never fails to take advantage of. The future of her golf career is not far away, and she is already preparing.

“Yes, I am planning on playing college golf. I have already contacted several colleges with interest in their programs,” Karmazin said. “My goals are to be on the traveling team for a college so that I am able to play and contribute to the team. My biggest goal would be to play division 1 golf.”

Karmazin’s goals are supported by those around her, coaches in and outside of golf, teammates, and family. Aside from being an outstanding golfer, Karmazin had great success during last year’s track and field season. She ran the 3200 meters, in which she took first place at state, and also got third in the 1600 meter. 

“She has some unbelievable ability. Many of us could practice our whole lives, hours a day and not be able to hit some of those shots.” Thompson said. “Part of it she was born with, part of it she has gained over years and years of practice.”