Is Netflix Dying?

Finding a good show or movie is very difficult even with the thousands of titles there are to choose from.

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Netflix is a multi-billion dollar company with thousands of shows and movies to watch. With as much entertainment that it has to offer, Netflix contains very minimal high quality content that would take over the streaming industry. 

Even though there are some extremely successful and popular original shows including “Squid Game”, “You”, “Outer Banks”, and “Stranger Things”, Netflix hasn’t lived up to the hype that everyone says it has. This all leads to the question: Is Netflix dying?

With countless shows and movies, it ultimately shouldn’t be that hard to find something worth watching, however, it is. Looking for the next thing to watch is a challenge due to the suggestions on what to watch next. Most of the suggestions that pop up have no relation to the finished show at all. 

For example, when finishing a drama related movie, suggestions on what to watch next might show a comedy or horror movie which has nothing to do with the specified genre. This can be frustrating for most people because all they want to do is have the ability to binge watch a movie that catches their interest immediately. 

The main problem that Netflix has failed to notice is the amount of popular shows that are canceled shortly after they have been released. Such shows include; “The OA” – two seasons, “Teenage Bounty Hunters” – one season, “The Society” – one season, and “Marvel’s Luke Cage” – two seasons. All of these shows contain an audience and critic score above eighty percent. 

Not only do these shows hold a large popularity rate among viewers, they also give Netflix the popularity it has today. With Netflix coming out with newer shows, a lot of them don’t hold the popularity that most of the canceled shows have. This makes the cancellation of these shows unnecessary and harmful to the platform itself.

Another problem that Netflix faces is the issue with streaming across multiple devices. Paying for Netflix already costs quite a bit of money, but having to pay even more to stream it across various devices is asking for too much. 

Like most families, parents want to have the ability to share Netflix with their children or parents. However, it is hard to do that due to the limit Netflix has set to where people can only stream on a couple devices at a time. Paying another ten dollars to add another screen to stream on can be excessive to some families. 

No matter how people choose to watch, Netflix may not be worth the money that people have to spend every month. With as big as a platform that Netflix owns, increasing the amount of screens that a family can watch on at one time and making better suggestions dedicated for the viewer can help Netflix in an impactful and positive way. These changes may make Netflix a more enjoyable and more popular option compared to any other streaming service.