Open Letter to The Student Section…


Photo by Alicia Hernandez

Student section after the football scores the first touchdown.

Dear student body and administration,


Imagine a soccer game, a baseball game, or a softball game with a large crowd supporting them. Large crowds for sporting events shouldn’t just be limited to football, basketball, and volleyball. There are so many other sports that are worthy of a large crowd at Elkhorn North. 

Boys and girls soccer could be made more exciting for the players on the field if there were a student body supporting them. Baseball and softball don’t exactly have the bleacher size to support a large crowd but with a little funding, a student section at baseball games or softball games could be made possible in the near future.

Large crowds at soccer games would make the atmosphere so much more exciting if a student section was there supporting them. It is very uncommon to see a student section. But considering the fact that Elkhorn North has the seating capacity for a student section at our home soccer field should entice some students to show up.

Junior Billy Hendrix prepares to throw the ball back into play

“I think it would be amazing to have a student section. It would be good to have other people supporting us besides the parents,” sophomore soccer player Jake Sullivan said. 

Large crowds at soccer games are common all over the world. Soccer is more popular in some countries than others but overall, every soccer game should bring in a huge crowd. 

When it comes to softball having student sections, it’s a completely different story. The bleachers at both fields are small and can’t fit that many people. In order to have a student section at a baseball or softball game, students need to get creative with where they’d sit. 

Baseball Coach Anthony Dunn looks out onto the baseball field (Photo by Brandon Urbano)

With both the softball field and the baseball field getting their own upgrades, maybe bleachers could be next. Elkhorn High’s Ta-Ha-Zouka field would be ideal to host a student section because of its massive, shaded grandstands. The only downside would be the turf field getting really hot in warmer weather.

view from the stands of Ta-Ha-Zouka field (Photo by Aaron Scheffler – Wayne News)

It would be amazing to see something new such as a student section at a soccer game, baseball game, or softball game. It would be amazing because nobody else does anything like that. Student sections at these games could become more popular if someone were to step up and do something different.