Humans of Elkhorn North: Zach Moresette


When it comes to school spirit, senior Zach Moresette is one that seems to never miss a chance to show his school pride. He is often seen in the front row with the seniors going all out for the game-day themes, or during spirit week following each day’s theme as well. 

“I love going to games for any sport because it’s fun to get hype and cheer on the students you know that play,” Moresette said. 

Outside of supporting the sports teams at Elkhorn North, Moresette loves to spend time in the gym. He goes to lift as often as he can after school at Common Ground with some of his friends. 

“I learned that just wasting my time doing nothing isn’t going to help me in life,” Moresette said. “So I started lifting to keep me busy and I’m glad I did”. 

Moresette is a student that always makes time to show his support for the school, while also using his time to improve himself.