Movie Review: Spiderman No Way Home

A review of the new movie Spiderman: No Way Home.


We have been waiting for this movie for almost five years. Now that it is finally out, let’s talk about it. My expectations for this film were so high, and yet they still found a way to exceed everything I forecasted. This movie will take you on a roller coaster of emotions. One moment you will be bawling your eyes out, and the next you will be jumping out of your seat cheering. The directors did an amazing job dealing with the multiverse, and still making it Tom Holland’s movie.

One of the coolest things about this movie was the villains. As we saw in the trailers various villains come back that were seen in previous Spider-man movies. One of the main villains that was focused on was Norman Osborne’s Green Goblin. He delivered eerie monologues, and stole the screen, bringing that devilishly charismatic and maniacal genius to life in a way only Dafoe could with those facial expressions. I thought that Willem Dafoe did an even better job portraying his character in “Spiderman No Way Home” than in his first appearance in Spiderman from 2002- almost 20 years later. I would argue after seeing this performance, he is one of the all-time great comic-book movie villains, if not the best. 

Tom Holland delivers his finest performance in this film. He is no longer a kid. We got to see the character and actor grow up. You will realize that everything that was happening in Spider-man’s journey up until this point has been leading to this film. All three of these movies with Tom Holland have been coming of age films, and in this movie you truly see Peter Parker come of age. He is forced to make his own decisions. In the movie Tom Holland’s Spider Man is put through the ringer. He has to experience loss, independence, consequence, sacrifice, and responsibility. The biggest strength for this movie is that it’s able to handle Tom Holland’s growth as Peter Parker in a unique and powerful way.

Spider-man is introduced to the fight of his life as various Spider-man villains arrive from beyond his universe. The fighting scenes in this movie were brutal like never before. Some of the scenes in the movie can get very violent. These fights were a very different style than what we have seen before. Some of the scenes will bring back nostalgia and others will get very personal.

The legacy of Tom Holland’s Spider-man was surpassed in ways you couldn’t even fantasize of. This movie brought all my dreams to life of what I really wanted from a Tom Holland Spiderman movie. Now if you haven’t already, go experience history and buy your tickets now.