Humans of Elkhorn North: Skyler Cooley


There is only one word to describe Freshman Skyler Cooley- and that is spunky. Although it has only been one semester, this freshman is making a name for herself at Elkhorn North. She is involved with Student Council, SADD, and FCCLA, along with being a three-sport athlete. Anyone who has met Cooley knows that a conversation with her is sure to include laughter and leaving with a smile on one’s face.

Recently, a family member of Cooley’s was hospitalized, which reminded her to not take anything for granted. She has since chosen to live her life without fear of the future.

“I am now trying to cherish every moment more and more because you never know when someone will be gone,” Cooley said. “But be happy, don’t live in fear otherwise you are not living!  

Cooley is not afraid to be herself, a trait that many high school students wish they could relate to. She attributes this to living out her favorite quote: “You are the artist of your own life. Don’t hand the paintbrush to anyone else.” Her free attitude also comes from the crazy personality she has had since she was little.

“I have always been the one in my family not afraid to speak up about something and the one in my friend group who doesn’t care what I look like to other people,” Cooley said. “I want to live my life not scared of what might happen or if this shirt doesn’t match, but living with no fear and being in the moment!”