Humans of Elkhorn North: Ben Sullivan


Sophomore, Ben Sullivan spends a lot of time traveling with his parents and twin brother. Due to spending a lot of quality time together, they are very close.

My family is very nice and supportive, which has helped me in which I always try to have a good attitude with whatever I’m doing and I try to be nice to everyone,” Sullivan said.

Aside from spending time with his family, he stays busy with soccer games and preparing for Elkhorn North boys soccer season this spring.

What makes Sullivan unique is that over the summer he got his appendix removed.

“I remember right when I woke up I was feeling lightheaded and my parents were sitting next to me,” Sullivan said. “After the surgery, I couldn’t do anything for four to five weeks, and it was hard for me to walk around.”

Recently, other than recovering from surgery and playing soccer, he likes to play video games and spend time with his friends.