Students at ENHS dress in matching outfits with friends for the second day of spirit week.

Teammates Spies and Booth match their ENHS gear. (Photo by Landon Mahnke)
Payton and Shanna match with white overalls and floral shirts. (Photo by Landon Mahnke)
Kennington and Ostler twin with their cool Green Day shirts and ripped jeans. (Photo by Landon Mahnke)
Newspaper staff, Tara and Alicia, show off their school spirit for twin day. (Photo by Landon Mahnke)
Hendryx and Kline match white Nike hoodies. (Photo by Cameron Mead)
With pizzas in hand, Revers and Heinisch go all out for twin day. (Photo by Cameron Mead)
Harper, Pham, and Evans showed their wolf pride with matching wolf tees and bright pink sweats. (Photo by Corinne Mead)
Ergashev and Piatowski match from head to toe with their hot pink Creighton tees. (Photo by Cameron Mead)
Noonan and Lake take on the matching Nike sweatshirt trend. (Photo by Corinne Mead)
Ross and Pithan wear their track windbreakers for twin day. (Photo by Corinne Mead)