FRESH(men) Faces

Learn more about freshman Sasha Gurevich.


Sasha Gurevich Is a 14 year old freshman here at Elkhorn North. However, Sasha isn’t your average 15 year old. She has lived in two countries and speaks three languages. “I speak Russian, Hebrew, and English,” Gurevich said. What is unique about Sasha is not only the languages that she speaks, but also her fun personality and humor. “What’s unique about me is my personality because nobody has the same personality I do, not anybody that I know of,” Gurevich said. In middle school Gurevich went from living in Israel, to a state in the United States that is full of corn. “I really like it here, I like it more,” Gurevich said. Most students at Elkhorn North know that the education and curriculum here is very difficult compared to other schools in the state, however the school Gurevich experienced in Israel was much more difficult. “There is a bunch of homework, it was hard,” Gurevich said. Moving from one country to another can be hard,  but looking at the little things can make it easier. “It is not like what you see in the movies,” Gurevich said. Our school is definitely no high school musical. Sasha is just one of many unique and awesome freshmen here at Elkhorn North.