FRESH(men) Faces: Shane Heida

Freshman Shane Heida is a hardworking student athleate here at Elkhorn North.


Another new member of the Elkhorn North 9th grade class is Shane Heida. He loves all things football, friends and family. He is currently on the freshman football team and has enjoyed his experience so far. “I love my team, most of my friends are on the team” Heida said. Football is a very demanding sport, so these boys have spent a lot of time together this year. “Over the summer we had lots of workouts and had to put in a lot of work,” Heida said. Football wasn’t just a time-demanding sport during the summer months. “Practice usually ends around 6:30 pm,” Heida said. This means practice lasts upwards of three hours after school on any given weekday. “All of my friends are on the football team, and we have been playing together since seventh grade,” Heida said. Football is not only fun for Heida, but it has also brought him so much community. Additionally, Heida plans to try out for the baseball team this spring. Outside of athletics, Heida’s favorite class is Physical Science with Mr. Fuglestad. “I like science because it is easy and I love my teacher,” Heida said. From athletics to academics, Shane Heida is a committed student athlete who cares about those around him. Shane is one of many amazing freshman here at Elkhorn North.