Wolves Leading the Pack

A recap of the 2020 cross country season at Elkhorn North.


Photo by Tara Binte Sharil

Girls cross country team running.

By Alicia Hernandez, Reporter

 Starting from the bottom up can be very challenging, but the Elkhorn North cross country team has set a good foundation for the next generation of runners. This season has been challenging for the whole team since there aren’t seniors, but that doesn’t stop the Wolves from being successful. 

With no seniors this year, the team dynamic has definitely changed. I feel like the seniors last year held a type of leadership position on the team. And now with no seniors, it has presented the opportunity for other runners to fill those roles, and it has been interesting to see who steps forward,” Sophomore, Collette Sneau said.

Collette Sneau finishing a race at Gretna. (Photo by Alicia Hernandez)

“I think the team has made a good foundation for the future. The team environment is great, the runners are nice and encouraging. The training has been going good and we’ve been coming into workouts with positive attitudes and for the most part, doing good completing them.” said Sneau.

This is Sneau’s second year of doing high school cross country. Sneau has a passion for running and hopes to continue running for the rest of her life. As the season continues she looks forward to seeing her teammates improve. Some of her goals for the rest of this season is to make sure that in every race she gives it her all.

Being a part of a new team means starting traditions. Sophomore Joe Norman said, “The boys and I thought it would be a good idea to get pink bucket hats to wear on meet days, so that’s exactly what we did and we have no regrets.”

“We’ve kept the tradition of popsicles after some practices, hair ribbons on race days, and team huddles at the start of the races. We even have our trusty team flamingo Floyd who travels with us to some races,” Sneau said.

Joe Norman and Luke Hunsberger running together at the Columbus. (Photo by Tara Binte Sharil)

“One word that I would describe this team is family because when you’re in a family you see people at their best times you see them at their worst times and I think that’s something that we get in our sport literally every single day,” Coach said. 

Catania has been coaching cross country for two years. She enjoys seeing her runners accomplish new things they haven’t done before. Catania can’t wait to see her runners to accomplish personal goals and have more confidence in themselves during races.

The first cross country team at Elkhorn North High School has received a lot of recognition for their hard work, leadership, and demonstrating what it means to be a part of a team. The Wolves will continue to achieve great things for many generations to come.  The 2020 team will go down in history or being the first cross country team, however, the Elkhorn North Wolves will be remembered for the many ways team members have supported each other throughout each of the practices and meets. Cross country is not a sport for everyone it takes a lot of grit, perseverance, and determination to run. This sport consumes everything a runner has to offer physically and mentally in order to run these long distances, the Wolves make running look easy. 

Advice for those interested in joining Cross Country:

I would say don’t let the mileage scare you because once you start consistently running more and more, a mile is going to feel like cake.

— Joe Norman

If someone wanted to join cross country my advice would be to go for it! Cross country is so much fun and you get to be on a great team but how you do gets to be up to you. When running cross country there’s a large variety of paces on the team, so you’ll most likely find people to run with.

— Collette Sneau

I would say if you even are slightly considering it to give it a chance because we have a very familial feel and I don’t think you get that with every sport. We’re a sport where it doesn’t matter how fast you are, you are very much considered a member of this team. You don’t have to be the fastest runner to be considered  important to this family.

— Annie Catania