Trump vs. Biden

Current updates and opinions on the upcoming election.


Photo by (Courtesy of) 9NEWS

Image of Joe Biden (left) and Donald Trump (right).

By McKenna Ostler, Reporter

The election takes place on Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020, and will determine the fate of the country for the next 4 years.

This election could possibly be the most controversial election the United States has ever seen. “Polling companies don’t necessarily do a good job of capturing every demographic like they have in the past.” said Phil Onwiler. Ever since the 2016 election, there has been a lot of confusion and questions surrounding the poll statistics, and what to believe. 

Conservative junior, Zain Khan prefers presidential candidate Donald Trump for this year’s election. “I also like that he does what he believes needs to be done, by putting America first.” said Khan. 

President, and Presidential Candidate for the Republican party, Donald Trump.

“As of right now, I do not trust any of the poll statistics because during the 2016 election year, Clinton had over a 90% chance of winning the election, but ultimately Trump won.” said Khan. There is a lot of unknown territory concerning what is put out by the news sites today.

“My largest issue with him as a candidate is that he just isn’t very promising in my view.” said sophomore Sam Hanson. Hanson considers himself to be left-leaning, and although he supports Joe Biden, he would have preferred Bernie Sanders for the democratic nominee. 

“Their ability to speak well seems to be a common theme. It seems both are misrepresented in terms of what they say.” said Onwiler. Regardless of what side you are on, both candidates have their weaknesses.

 “I would say that Biden would win just based on my own intuition, but it’s not like I can tell who will win the election.” said Hanson. There are many diverse opinions throughout Elkhorn North, so it will be interesting to see how students and staff react to the winning candidate.

West Omaha is fortunate enough to have a tolerant view on others. “Regardless of who wins, the sun is going to come up the next day.” said Onwiler. 

Presidential Candidate for the Democrat party, Joe Biden.

There may be some hurt feelings, and a lot of emotions stirred up after the election, but there is nothing too dramatic expected to occur as the aftermath.

“I feel that ENHS, compared to most schools in Nebraska, tends to be somewhat politically diverse, so there would be many varied responses throughout our school to whoever wins the election.” said Hanson. Similar to Hanson, there are a lot of left wing opinions at the school, considering that Nebraska is a more republican state. 

There is a wide variety of beliefs in this new school. “I believe that Donald Trump will win the election because he has a larger portion of the minority vote than he did during the 2016 election so it is looking up for him.” said Khan.

2020 has been significantly impacted by the election, to say the least. “We think about Covid, how being shut down as a society… impacted life.” said Onwiler. Post election, who knows what direction the U.S. will go in. 

Nobody is really sure what will happen on November 3rd this year, but it has been highly anticipated all year long.