Wolf of the Week: Karlie Efaw

Efaw’s strengths in leadership and work ethic shined as the Elkhorn North Dance Team took the stage at Nationals.


Photo by Kelsey Hillman

Efaw posing in her dance uniform.

With her hard work and dedication to always making sure she is doing her best as a leader of the dance team, Karlie Efaw was nominated by her peers to be this week’s Wolf of the Week.

Efaw is a senior and one of the captains on the dance team. She is one of the main sources of positivity in the group by always making sure her fellow dancers know their routines and are feeling their best.

“She makes [the dance team] more fun and energetic, and she always has a positive energy and positive attitude towards everything,” fellow dance team member Loghan Evert said, “she may be having a bad day, but she still puts all her effort into the dance team.”

By using her leadership skills, Efaw makes an impact on all the dance team members by helping them stay in check and on top of learning their routines. She is always happy to help her younger dance team members learn their parts and prepare for bigger things like going to nationals.

“She just has a really good work ethic and it pays off; everything she’s done for the team has really helped us and has gotten us to where we are now,” freshman dance team member Cosette Kaminski said.

Efaw worked hard to make sure she and her fellow team members were all ready to take on nationals in Florida on February 3rd. 

“Karlie truly was a shining star on the nationals stage. She showed how much she belonged and deserved to be there, and showed her strong ability to lead even in high-stress situations,” dance team coach Kelsey Hillman said. “Nationals can be very stressful and intimidating with the amount of talent from around the country, but Karlie danced the strongest she ever had. I could not be more proud of what she put on the floor.”

By taking control of the group and always having everyone’s best interest in mind, Efaw makes a good leader for the dance team. It shows her dedication to helping her team be the best they can be, especially during an important event like being at nationals.

“She’s a very good role model for anyone and everyone, and I think that she represents being part of the wolf pack in an exceptional way,” senior dance team member Sophia Banfield said.