Wolf of the Week: Mckenna Murphy

Junior Mckenna Murphy made strong contributions to the Wolves third consecutive state basketball win.


Photo by Tara Binte Sharil

Junior Mckenna Murphy cuts the net at Pinnacle Bank Arena after winning the Class B State Championships.

After concluding her first ever Elkhorn North basketball season with a state title and impressive varsity stat line, junior Mckenna Murphy was nominated as ENHS Wolf of the Week. 

Murphy shot 70% from the 3 point line and 58% from the floor over the Class B state tournament, leaving her with a combined total of 42 points in the span of just three matchups.

Head coach Ann Prince sees something special in the accuracy of Murphy’s shot. “You just can’t leave her open, she is going to knock it down,” Prince said. 

High shooting accuracy wasn’t the only skill Murphy added to the Wolves basketball team this past season. “She has also developed other aspects of her game such as the ability to take people off the dribble and post up smaller guards,” Prince said. “She has a very high basketball IQ, she really understands the game and is a good communicator.”

After sharing the court with her this season, Murphy’s teammates have picked up on her leadership abilities, determined mentality, and motivating spirit. 

“She holds you accountable on the basketball court. She always wants the best out of you,” teammate Sydney Stodden said. 

What makes Murphy’s situation so unique is the fact that this wasn’t her first state tournament win; just last year she was awarded the Class A state first place medal after contributing strongly to Fremont High School’s 2022 season. 

It’s evident Murphy came in and made an immediate impact on the Wolves basketball team with contributions both on and off the court. She brought an incredibly hardworking and gritty attitude to the program as well as strong leadership skills and a genuine love for the game. 

“What makes Mckenna stand out from the average basketball player is that she isn’t afraid to shoot when she’s guarded. She’s not afraid to drive when it looks tough,” Stodden said. “Her offensive mindset is “I am going to score and I don’t care who’s in front of me.”.” 

With the help of Murphy, the Wolves girls basketball team went on to win their third consecutive state championship in three years. 

“Having her join our team at Elkhorn North and winning the state title will forever be a favorite memory with Mckenna,” Prince said.