Breaking: Elkhorn North Wins the NSAA Cup

Elkhorn North dominated Class B in activities and athletics this past year.


Photo by Brandon Urbano

Graphic of the sports that earned Elkhorn North Cup Points.

During the 2021-2022 school year, the Wolves proved that Elkhorn North’s  athletics and activities programs was one of the best in the state, earning second place in the NSAA Class B All Division Cup and winning the Girl’s Division. 

Throughout 2022-2023 Elkhorn North students and staff proved themselves again, winning the Class B All Division and both the Boy’s and Girl’s Divisions.

The NSAA announced the NSAA Cup Program in 2006 to award the most successful activities and athletics departments throughout the state. Schools are awarded points if they place in the top eight in any state tournament. In activities without tournaments, points are awarded based on participation in District Contests. 

The NSAA awards points as follows (More Information on Points and the NSAA Cup Program can be found here):

  • First place 50
  • Second place 45 
  • Third place 40 
  • Fourth place 35 
  • Fifth place 30 
  • Sixth place 25 
  • Seventh place 20 
  • Eighth place 15

In just their third year of existence, the Wolves dominated Class B with a total of 810 points.

In 2021-2022, Omaha Skutt Catholic dominated the All-Division Cup by over 100 points. This year, Elkhorn North beat Omaha Skutt by just over 90 cup points.

The following breaks down Elkhorn North’s athletic and activities achievements during the 2022-2023 school year:

Regular Season Points: 145 

Boys Sports:

  • Football – Postseason Appearance (22.5 points)
  • Cross Country – Seventh Place (20 points)
  • Tennis – Second Place (45 points)
  • Bowling – Fifth Place Tie (27.5 points)
  • Swimming – Second Place (45 points)
  • Baseball – First Place (50 points)
  • Track – Third Place (40 points)
  • Golf – Fourth Place (35 points)
  • Soccer – Postseason Appearance (22.5 points)

Girls Sports:

  • Volleyball – Second Place (45 points)
  • Cross Country – Third Place (40 points)
  • Golf – Third Place (40 points)
  • Basketball – First Place (50 points)
  • Swimming – Seventh Place (20 points)
  • Track – Fourth Place (35 points)
  • Tennis – First Place (50 points)
  • Soccer – Postseason Appearance (22.5 points)


  • Music – District Music Contest Participation (10 points)
  • Journalism – Second Place (45 points)

Elkhorn North will be honored for these achievements at a special ceremony during the fall of 2023.