Hoco at Home

Students celebrated homecoming even though the school dance was cancelled due to COVID-19.


ENHS students homecoming pictures

By Ellie Meckna, Social Media Manager

Many schools across America, including Elkhorn North, cancelled their homecoming dance due to trying to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.

With homecoming there comes excitement, like buying dresses, going with a date, and running for homecoming court, but this year has been full of surprises for everyone. Homecoming for ENHS would have looked different from your typical homecoming anyways. Especially without a senior class homecoming king and queen would be different, and students were not able to attend the football game. 

The dance for ENHS was originally scheduled for September 12, 2020 but was later cancelled. Students showed school spirit by dressing up for the themes during spirit week and watched the homecoming football game on striv. 

Anna Kline posing for pictures (Photo by Anna Kline)

This led to students creating their own versions of homecoming outside of school. They got together with friends from church, school, or even some from different schools. Few students followed COVID-19 guidelines and didn’t wear masks.

Mady Pfiel and Anna Kline, juniors at ENHS, planned their own homecoming at home. They followed most of the traditional homecoming plans, like dressing up and taking pictures. Although, instead of going out to eat, they had appetizers to munch on at home. 

To make the environment more like homecoming they decorated their backyard with lights and had balloons. They strayed from the traditional route and later on changed into comfier clothes so it was more enjoyable. “We had activities set up and I enjoyed being around my best friends more than a normal dance. We danced, ate appetizers, and played LCR [Left Center Right] which is where everyone involved started with three dollars, and whoever has the last one wins all the money in the center,” said Kline. 

They weren’t the only ones who got together to celebrate homecoming. Morgan Sachs, a freshman at Elkhorn North, hosted more of a classic homecoming dance. Sachs, as well as other freshmen, were disappointed that they couldn’t attend their first high school dance. 

Sachs’ mom and her did all the planning and they were happy to provide the space for her and her friends. She admitted that the planning process was a bit stressful but it turned out to be a success. 

Freshmen having fun at their hoco (Photo by Morgan Sachs)

They set a tent up in their backyard where all 25 freshmen hung out for the night. She had chick-fil-a catered and hired a DJ to play music. As well as having that, they had a photo op with a balloon arch in the front of their house with ENHS colors. 

Some other preparation she had to do was buy chairs and tables, and decorate the tent with lights. “It turned out to be a lot of fun and I would do it again at home,” said Sachs.

Aleah Winegar and Payton Coulter dressed up for homecoming. (Photo by (Courtesy of) Payton Coulter)

Another group of Elkhorn North juniors celebrated their homecoming dance by splitting the cost of a party bus. The girls ate Jimmy Johns at Aleah Winegar’s before heading over to Parker Mahloch’s to take pictures. 

They later had a drove around town on a party bus. The group gathered to finish the night off at Lydia Park’s, junior at EHS, house with pizza and to relax after a fun day.

Since the cancellation of homecoming, the future’s looking bright. A limited number of students are now allowed to attend football games. Taking that as a sign, students are hopeful that it continues to get better so more events like homecoming won’t get cancelled.