Students Behind the Wheel

High school is the time that people begin their driving careers


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Elkhorn North parking lot from above.

By Caleb Polking, Striv/Sports Manager

During the duration of high school, students encounter many new responsibilities that will ultimately be big parts of the rest of their lives. Arguably the biggest of those responsibilities is driving, which is a skill students begin in high school and will use for a long time. 

There is a lot that comes with driving, including safety when driving, the costs that come with it including the price of the car, gas, getting repairs, keeping it clean, and also the new freedoms that drastically change the lifestyle of many. However, while there are concerns that come with driving, it is also an excitement for most people when they are finally able to hit the road with their friends and go wherever they desire without as much restraint from their parents. Students at Elkhorn North are just beginning their journey of driving and many of them have their first ever cars. 

“I have a 2011 Honda Accord, and I’ve had it for a month,” sophomore Sam Norman said. Sam has only been driving his own car for a short time, but will get his license when he turns 16 in two months. “I like that my car has tinted windows and has an AUX. It is also a pretty easy car to drive and suits me well being a high school student.” It is important for high school students to have cars that work well for them and that they feel comfortable driving. 

“I love driving and drive my car almost everyday to school,” freshman Zac Horner said. “My favorite part of driving is that I can listen to music in the car and that I have a lot more freedom.” Horner also does not have a license yet but has a school permit which allows him to drive to school by himself. 

There are a lot of responsibilities and tasks that students who have cars must fulfill. They can sometimes be tests to students depending on how big the responsibilities are. If students don’t follow speed limit rules, it can result in them getting pulled over. If they are not safe on the road, it could be dangerous to both them and other people on the road. 

“Some responsibilities of having a car are getting gas for it, keeping it clean, and getting it serviced when it needs it,” sophomore Harrison Weddell said. “I haven’t had any troubles on the road, and I hope to keep it that way.”

“Gas is a big one, washing your car, and being aware of things on the road so you don’t get your car damaged,” Norman said when asked about the liabilities that are important when driving. Obviously, there were common themes shared about these responsibilities that everyone who has a car faces on a daily basis.

A row of cars in the parking lot. (Photo by Braxton Mastre)

Flexibility comes much more abundantly when students are able to drive, especially those who have their license. 

The moment students are set with their car and license, it becomes a part of their life quickly. “Being able to drive is nice because it really allows me to have more freedom and be able to do more than I could before,” Weddell said. “I drive to school, golf, and pretty much anywhere else I go.” 

Situations when it comes to paying for cars differ with every family. Sometimes, parents will pay for the entire car, sometimes parents and kids will pay half-and-half. 

“My twin brother, Joe, and I paid a combined $2,000 for the car,” Norman said. “Our parents and grandparents combined to pay for the rest.”

Obviously, driving is no easy task and requires a lot of care and hard work. But it is one of the first big tests people face in life which can really show how well people are ready to move on to bigger things like raising a family, having a job, and more. 

“I haven’t had any troubles yet, and I will hope that doesn’t change,” Norman said.