Fresh with the Stress

Siblings, pets, homework, quizzes, tests, and more never ending schoolwork causes students lots of stress.

The words stress that mean a lot.

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The words stress that mean a lot.

By Colin Keith, Reporter

Finals are around the corner, and when pairing this with daily homework it can cause major stress for students.There are so many factors that can cause stress in the world today. Millions of students get stressed out during their studies and school.

Student at Elkhorn North, Sydney Keller, said, “Honestly with stress I just take it as it comes.” Keller has three brothers, who cause her some additional stress. 

Jade Noonan, sophomore at ENHS, said, “I get stressed out all the time during the day but it eventually goes away.” She says that when she gets a lot of homework it increases her stress. She has a younger sister and two older brothers but they don’t bother her much. 

Noonan is like everyone else and has homework each night and tests which can cause an absurd amount of stress. Keller said, “I’m a type of person that is a perfectionist and I have to do it right the first time.” This means that she stays up late some nights to make sure her homework is complete.

When tests come it can make someone go crazy because they might stay up late before making sure what they learned they know but then when the test comes some people can forget everything they learned. That can come from being stressed out about the test before.

Sleeping is very important. When not having a certain amount of sleep it can ca

A way to express your stress. A squishy toy. (Photo by Amazon)

use someone to do poorly in the day. Then they might feel bad about that bad test score and late work appears. All of this can be caused because someone has been given an influexious amount of homework with little time then gets super stressed out and panicked. Then they either don’t finish or stay up late and become tired for the next day.

Noonan says that she normally stays up till 11 or 12 just doing homework and will get about 6 or so hours of sleep. Keller said that some nights she can stay up till 3:30 just doing homework. She has never had a piece of late homework and it’s from her long study times and doing homework late in the night. 

It can also be hard to complete schoolwork on time because of distractions around the house. Pets can take someone’s attention away from homework that they can be doing. Keller said that she has 3 dogs that if they’re barking a lot they can bother her. Most people would stop and take a break from homework or studying and play with their pets. That is an example of ways to get distracted and then not get homework done and get stressed out because of how late it becomes. 

Stress is everywhere and can affect everyone in many ways. For most students school causes stress that can become overwhelming. Stress occurs in many students, kids, and parents lives for better or for worse. People should use stress to push themselves and become successful.