Wonder Woman 1984 Movie Review

Don’t judge a movie by it’s poster.


Photo by Photo By: Polygon

Wonder Woman 1984 movie poster

By Tara Binte Sharil, Reporter

Overall Rating: 5/10

On Christmas Day 2020, Wonder Woman 1984 was released in cinemas and on HBO Max. Wonder Woman 1984 is the sequel to Wonder Woman, which was released on June 2, 2017. 

Wonder Woman 1984 was pushed back from October 2, 2020, to December 25, 2020, due to cinemas not opening. This was because of COVID-19 concerns. 


The story plot was the “biggest disappointment” of the film. But I can’t blame that on anyone, considering that the plot was from DC Comics. The story plot is about Diana Prince living quietly in New York during the 80s. She curates artifacts as her occupation and fights crime as Wonder Woman when she has to. One of the artifacts she had in her possession had the ability to grant whatever wish you wanted, but you would need to have something back in return as a price. When the artifact got in the wrong hands, the world was in trouble and it’s up to Wonder Woman to save the day. 

Honestly, is the plot a rip off version of Aladdin? I know DC Comics was first. But if you’re like me and you have never read the comics, you would think that the plot is a rip off version of Aladdin. If I had watched Wonder Woman 1984 without knowing the story of Aladdin, I would say that the plot is very original. But, since Wonder Woman 1984’s story was first, I shall not critique anymore on the plot. 


What I can critique is the directing of the movie. Patty Jenkins is the director of both Wonder Woman films. Somehow, Jenkins managed to direct the first Wonder Woman film ten thousand times better than Wonder Woman 1984. Many of these superhero plots come from comic books, like Superman from DC Comics and Captain America from Marvel Comics. These superhero story plots usually appeal to the kids, and Wonder Woman 1984 did just that. Patty Jenkins’s directing in Wonder Woman 1984 was pretty childish, corny, and cheesy. In my opinion, the first scene where we look into Diana’s childhood was actually pretty great. I enjoyed it. But once that was over, it went downhill. If you’re a person who enjoys the not so hardcore superhero movies, you would definitely enjoy Wonder Woman 1984. But if you’re like me, who enjoys superhero movies that are action-packed, you may want to skip this. 

The first film was the total opposite of the second one. I thoroughly enjoyed the first one because it has better directing. It’s amazing what the quality of directing can do to your film. In general, the directing of Wonder Woman 1984 was what lost it for me. 


Although the directing may have been a huge disappointment to the movie, the acting was pretty spot on. Gal Gadot, who played Diana Prince and Wonder Woman once again, did not disappoint me. Loved her. Chris Pine played Steve Trevor. He acted really well in Wonder Woman and he was really memorable to me. That was why I was a little disheartened that he wasn’t in much of Wonder Woman 1984. Kristen Wiig played Barbara Minerva and Cheetah. Aside from her character looking like one of the characters from Cats, which kind of creeps me out, Wiig did a great job playing her role. Lastly, Pedro Pascal. Pascal’s acting never fails to disappoint me. His acting in Wonder Woman 1984 just proves his talent. 

Other things

Other than the plot, directing, and acting, everything else was fantastic. The composer of the music, Hans Zimmer, did a great job in the music, as always. In general, all of his music is great. In my opinion, I think the movie is very aesthetically pleasing. I like all of the colors used, especially in the movie posters. It was very vibrant and the movie felt very alive with all of the colors, just like the 80s. Those were the two main positives of the movie. 

Final thoughts

I would recommend this movie to those who like superhero movies that are a little more subtle. Unlike many modern-day superhero movies like movies from Marvel, Wonder Woman 1984 does not have the humor that pertains more to adults. That is why I would recommend Wonder Woman 1984 to the younger audiences and for those who enjoy superhero that is a little more subtle than the usual superhero movies.