Elkhorn North Electives

Dive into classes that may not be known by most students.

There are many electives a student can take throughout their four years as a high school student. Here are some that kids may not be informed about, but can catch their interest.

Sports Marketing: This is a class you can take after the prerequisite, Marketing. It goes into the world of sports and entertainment within marketing. It builds off of everything in Marketing such as the marketing concepts, how to sell, and how stores are formatted. This class goes into more endorsements and sponsors for athletes and promoting movies. 

Economics: This class is also a business class. Mr. Stanley described it as “A necessity if you have any desire to go into the business field,”. It also makes business classes easier in college after taking the class. 

Eli Shada preparing to give a speech in his Speech and Debate class.

Financial Wealth Management: In order to take this class, personal finance must be taken first. A lot of people claim they don’t get taught the “important” stuff in school such as taxes and insurance, but that is exactly what this class is for. “It is a challenging class with a good amount of math involved,” Sam Stanley, teacher, said. 

Speech and Debate: This class is exactly what it is called. To go more in depth, you learn the different types of speeches and you learn the different types of speeches and practice them in front of the class.The debate side involves debating in groups or even one on one debates over fun topics. Students who are thinking about the Speech or Debate teams should take this class as practice for their speeches in competition. 

Acting: This class is an introductory to Advanced Acting. There are different types of acting that students can practice such as individual, duet, group, and improv. It ranges from a student  doing their own skits to specific scripts as students perform. It is lots of fun and helps to get out of the embarrassment stage of performing.  

Creative Writing: In the English classes that are required for a student to graduate there is very little freedom of what to write. However, in this class it’s the complete opposite. The freedom is endless and can include different forms of writing such as poetry. It also works on brainstorming ideas and how to create new and fun story ideas. “If a student likes writing they should take it,” Mrs. Huber, teacher, said. 

Sociology: “This class is the natural way society has structured itself,” Ms. Lamb, teacher, said. It goes in depth about the social and economic status of the population and how that affects a population as a whole. Along with that, the class looks at how different societies have similar and contrasting problems and why. 

Current Problems: Current Problems is also exactly what the name says. In the class a student will discuss the different problems in the world. It is very discussion based, involving big class discussion and little ones as well. Civics is also a little bit involved as it looks at both political sides to every current problem. 

The computer lab in Elkhorn North.

Computer Graphics Photoshop:  “Where does your imagination take you,” Ms Rosonke, Art teacher, said. This class can start off challenging as the software can take some time to know, but once it becomes second nature, it is free roam. The class can come close to almost like playing a video game as students get to design products such as movie posters and their own as well. 

There are plenty of classes students have the opportunity to take and these were just a few of them. To find more information about these classes or others just ask the Guidance Counselors.