In With the Old, Out With the New

Students selling their clothes online has become extremely popular.


Depop is a popular place to buy and sell used clothes. (New York Magazine)

Think of a picture from when you were younger, what were you wearing? Probably something you would never wear now. Everyone’s style changes, and as it does you get rid of old clothes. Well, the phrase one man’s trash is another man’s treasure is true. People love to buy others’ clothes that they don’t want anymore, and it’s become popular among students. 

All teenagers want trendy, cute clothes; but, let’s be honest we’re not rich. So, buying cheap, used clothes from friends is a great way to expand their closet. The reason it is so popular for people to sell their clothes is simple, to make some easy money. Also, seeing others profit from it so easily can inspire others to try it out. 

An Instagram account, or a private story on Snapchat are popular outlets for people to try to sell their clothes to friends. Anne Cook shares an Instagram account with a friend to sell their clothes. Reilly Palmer said, “I started on Snapchat but then I thought I would need to move it to Instagram because on Snapchat all of the things delete within a day.”

Reilly Palmer’s Instagram clothing page.

Online shops such as Depop, Poshmark, Goodfair, and more sell used clothes. These sites do really well, and students have done the same thing. “I was trying to clean out my closet,” Cook explained, “then I figured I could make money from it.” Palmer had the same idea, she sold her used clothes to make a little extra money outside of a real job. 

A lot of accounts on Depop or Poshmark go to thrift stores to find trendy clothes to resell. This is extremely popular because not everyone’s local thrift store has the greatest items, so consumers love this opportunity. Cook said she might want to do the same in the future with her account. 

Some people’s success in selling their clothes is very high, and others not so much. Karlie Efaw is a customer to accounts that sell their clothes and described how successful they were. “I’m pretty sure everything they posted they pretty much sold,” Efaw said. 

Palmer also had some success, although she didn’t expect to. Her account got 117 followers, and her profit was around $50-$100. However, someone such as Cook who just recently started marketing her clothes hasn’t had the same success yet. 

The benefits of shopping this way are innumerable. The affordability, convenience, and timeliness are all significantly better compared to shopping from a large corporation. Some places market more than $100 tops, but buying from someone you know will cut that cost to $10-15. “It’s way cheaper when you’re buying from someone you know, and it’s just easier to get it and you can get it sooner,” Efaw said. Cook said the clothes they are trying to sell are all less than $10.

Anne Cook’s Instagram page for selling clothes.

The convenience of buying from someone local is one perk a lot of people like. Efaw said she likes it because all she had to do was direct message their Instagram account, and they dropped it off for her. Palmer’s customers did the same, and most customers were ENHS students so they could just exchange during the school day. 

The popularity of students selling their clothes is very significant, and it is great for both parties. Selling old clothes is a very easy way to make money and clean out your closet. While buying them is a very cheap and efficient way to expand your closet.