It’s Simply Spring

A poem about Spring.


Photo by Jack Vokt

As the days get longer

The bright sun gets stronger

With a little bit of rain

The trees and flowers see it as a gain 

The trees get taller

As the grass gets greener

While the flowers blossom

It’s impossible to miss them they’re so awesome

Bright colors such as pink and purple

Photo by Jack Vokt

Along with red, white, and many others becoming verbal

On their own the flowers sing 

It’s simply spring 

Although they are beautiful they can become a tragedy

For people like me who see them as an allergy 

This may not be the greatest thing

Moving on to what else is great about spring

Trees and flowers isn’t all that grows

Because the grass begins to show

The fresh smell beats no other

Go outside and enjoy it with your sister and your brother

Everyone loves to be blessed by the weather 

Leaving moods to become better than ever 

So go ahead and sing

It’s simply spring.