Scary Acres: How Scary is it Really?

Students share their opinions about the attraction of the Halloween season.


Nadgwick and her friends at Scary Acres. Photo Creds: Hannah Nadgwick

Halloween is a holiday full of fright and scare. It occurs every year on October 31st. Around 30 countries celebrate Halloween. During the Halloween season, it is common for people to go to haunted houses. 

Haunted houses are usually filled with disembodied spirits of dead people and even paranormal sightings. The main plot of a haunted house is that the people who once lived at the residence are now deceased and are now haunting the house. 

Scary Acres is a giant haunted house split into three different settings. The three settings include the Master’s Castle, the House on the Hill, and the Haunted Woods. While walking through the woods there are many mysterious things that could pop up. 

Hannah Nadgwick and her friend taking a picture at Scary Acres. Photo courtesy of Hannah Nadgwick

“The scariest part is when the short guy pops up in the woods or the strobe lights when they are flashing everywhere,” junior Hannah Nadgwick said. 

The houses are similar to a movie set so that people can experience it as if they were in a movie. For instance the Master’s Castle is very realistic and movie-like and people feel as if they are in a scary movie. House on the Hill was a fan favorite.

One thing that is special about Scary Acres is that while people are waiting in line to get into a house, actors come through the lines and scare them and they may even chase them with a pretend chainsaw. 

“When you’re waiting before you go in it’s fun to see if the people are going to scare you or not, and watching other people get scared is funny,” junior Bridget Swan said. 

The actors at Scary Acres claim that they like to hit all the senses when scaring people. Many people that go to Scary Acres should expect a scary creature standing over them or even chasing them out of the park.

“I got chased by the chainsaw guy and I lost everything in my pockets,” Nadgwick said. 

Students that have been to Scary Acres mentioned that they would go back just to feel the excitement of being scared. The students also said that every time they go back it gets a little less frightening. Many of these students started going to Scary Acres when they were brave middle schoolers. Those memories were made with friends and sports teams. 

“When I was there for my first time in sixth grade I got backed into a corner and broke the fence,” sophomore Kayla Greenway said. 

Creepy actor at Scary Acres lurking around people. Photo courtesy of Bridget Swan

Students have expressed that they have had good experiences at Scary Acres. Many claimed they wanted to keep going back for the thrill of being scared and hanging out with friends. 

“I like going back because I like being scared and I like scary stuff like that. Especially the adrenaline it gives you standing in line,” Swan said. 

The overall average rating for Scary Acres was a 6.8/10 based on it being a good time and the overall scariness. Kayla Greenway rated it a 7.5 out of 10, Bridget Swan rated it an 8 out of 10, and Hannah Nadgwick rated it a 6 out of 10.