Humans of Elkhorn North: Finley Gragert

Finley Gragert is a junior at Elkhorn North. She is involved in school activities such as volleyball and basketball. 

Gragert also loves her dog and watching football. Spending time with her family is important to her as well. Her favorite subject in school is math because it comes easily to her. 

Outside of school she enjoys hanging out with her friends and driving around town listening to music. Gragert spends the most of her time hanging out with friends because it makes her the happiest. 

“Me and my friends dressed up as gorillas for Halloween and scared all of the little kids,” Gragert said. 

She has an older brother who plays football which is why she enjoys watching it so much. She is one of her brother’s biggest supporters. 

Gragert also mentioned that the people that raised her have shaped her into who she is today. Her parents are her biggest influence.