Athlete of the Week: Grey Jarzynka

Grey Jarzynka heads into his second year of wrestling with loads of potential.


Photo by: Tara Binte-Sharil

By Brandon Orgilbold, Reporter

To be a successful wrestler, you must do numerous things. From wearing layers on layers to cut down on weight, to enduring the hot wrestling room during practice. These are just a few of the things that Grey Jarzynka does in order to be successful. 

Jarzynka started wrestling just last year as a freshman. Since then, he has had nothing but success on the mats. Wrestling is a difficult sport to pick up but Jarzynka’s ability to learn quickly has guided him along the way.

“He [Jarzynka] picks up on stuff in practice that we learned very quickly,” 11th grader Keller Cox said. 

Amongst his ability to learn quickly, Jarzynka’s grit and determination has not gone unnoticed. Whether it is on the mats or in the classroom, Jarzynka gets it done while also caring for his peers. 

“He’s a great student in general. He’s always there for people,” 10th grader Austen Shirley said. 

Obviously starting any sport for the first time in anyone’s freshman year is challenging. Oftentimes people quit but for Jarzynka this wasn’t the story, last year he was on varsity as a first time wrestler.  

“Last year was his first year wrestling and he wrestled varsity for us and you can just see that he had a lot of development and you can’t do that without some tenacity at practice,” Cox said.

Jarzynka also brings great energy to everyone. He could turn a full room of frowns upside down with no effort which brings a great deal of chemistry to the wrestling team.

“He pumps everybody up,” 10th grader Aidan Claris said.

Whether Grey Jarzynka is in the classroom or on the wrestling mats, he will get it done with a smile on his face. Grey Jarzynka is this week’s Athlete of the Week.