Women in S.T.E.M.

A cliche term, but it demonstrates a step forward for women all over the world.

The world of S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) has previously been dominated by men, but an increasing amount of women have become involved in this line of work. 

One reason that women are becoming successful within these lines of work is that these studies are being introduced at a much younger age. For so long women were not encouraged or entitled to receive an education like men, but in the most recent century, it has started to be an expectation for all. 

This huge step in the right direction has provided the opportunity for thousands of young girls to pursue their interests in previously male-dominated fields. This can start as young as elementary girls, but especially in high school.

Sophomore, Saha Gollapudi, has been preparing for a career based in business. She aspires to start her own business based in interior design. Even as just a high school student she has already started taking steps to achieve this goal, by taking an interior design class and planning to participate in debate as practice for public speaking. 

Gollapudi recognizes the majority of these careers are held by men, but believes women are on the rise and the number will soon balance. 

¨I believe the male gender has always taken over the stem industry but due to new ideologies and interests, we can see a large growth in female stem students,¨ said Gollapudi, ¨ it is important to make sure women are always maintaining and increasing in the stem field. However, I want to also maintain a balance between both genders in all stem fields.

Although Gollapudi chose from an early age she did not want to partake in a scientific career, she always knew she wanted to use her creativity within the math category of S.T.E.M.

Junior Haley Rohrig, however, has considered the possibility of pursuing her ambitions in science. Science is a very broad subject that has a variety of different options for a career. Rohrig has specifically been looking into the medical field. 

¨For a while, I thought I wanted to be a doctor or surgeon of some kind but realized that path would not fit the path I would want. I was introduced to the career of a Physician Assistant which is only 2-3 years of schooling and I would still be able to make medical diagnoses in a field I would want to specialize in,¨ said Rohrig,  ¨So as of right now, I am looking at schools that provide a physician assistant graduate program. ¨

Rohrig really loves how inclusive these specialties can be, and how their broad-spectrum can allow for people to pursue their own creative ideas.

Not only are students taking action for themselves, but companies are starting to create new programs and opportunities. Microsoft hosts pop-up workshops for girls interested in tech and marketing. In 2020 Microsoft brought one to Omaha, Nebraska called DigiGirlz. Student Allyson Dutoit, was one of the Elkhorn Students in attendance. 

The conference was hosted by professional females who were experienced in STEM. Young women from Omaha and Nebraska were encouraged to come and learn for a day about the amazements working within STEM categories. 

¨It was just so inspirational, and showed me how much I could accomplish,¨ said Dutoit, ¨It opened my eyes to how much STEM really encompasses.¨

Gollapudi, Lary, and Rohrig encourage young girls to look into a variety of options and follow their passion. 

¨To any and all young girls interested in engineering, science, math, and technology, you should go out there and do what you love,¨ said Gollapudi, ¨Nobody can tell you what you can or can’t do. People are always gonna have criticism on what you do or don’t do. Whether it’s a fellow male classmate or an elderly female, they have no right to hold you back. It is all up to you.¨