About the Roundabout

A Bump in the Road


Photo by McKenna Ostler

A view of the roundabout outside of ENHS after school.

By McKenna Ostler, Reporter

The first few weeks at ENHS have been going smooth, but the parking lot has been one of the few issues. There has been a traffic jam everyday after school, and lots of confusion around the roundabout.

To help with the current issues, Deputy Kubik has been working with the school to direct traffic. “If I didn’t direct traffic there, there’s enough southbound traffic that it plugs up the parking lot.” said Kubik. There are a lot of components, between new drivers, and construction zones, it is crucial to have someone directing traffic. “It feels more controlled, and safer with the deputy directing us.” said junior, Peyton Powell. There is so much going on in the new parking lot, and a lot of driving inexperience, it is important to have Deputy Kubik outside helping.

 One of the biggest issues at the moment, is the mess with all of the construction. With Elkhorn North being a brand new school, there are still many projects being finished around the area. “When we have all the signage up, arrows, and lanes painted, that’ll all come together.” said Kubik. Soon, the construction will be finished, and new signs will be up to help the drivers around the parking lot and the roundabout. For now, most students rely on the deputy to get everyone in and out of the school safely. “I think something that drivers can do to help the flow is listen to him, because I’ve seen a lot of people ignore him.” said junior, Burke Groenjes. 

There are always going to be flaws in new systems. Students and the staff are going to have to work together this year to make things go smooth inside and outside of the classroom.

 “Directing traffic is probably one of the most stressful jobs we do,” said Kubik. There is lack of driver attention, confusion, and many distractions within every vehicle. For some students, getting in and out of the parking lot can be stressful, but perhaps the most stressful job is the deputy’s. “I think because we are such a young school, we aren’t really sure who or when to let people in the line,” said Powell. There are a lot of inexperienced drivers, and that adds to the mess in the parking lot. 

More exits in the parking lot have been opened, and this has significantly helped people get out of the area faster. “Maybe dispersing among the multiple exits around the parking lot would help too, because there’s usually just a lot of people at one exit.” said Groenjes. 

People are still working on getting used to this new system, especially those who were used to Elkhorn High’s parking lot. Hopefully by working together, over time the chaos will calm down. Soon, this will become the new normal.